Cinque Terre

Five miles of rocky shore in Eastern Liguria, two promontories at its uttermost ends, thousands of kilometers of dry stone walls cultivated with vines, five mediaval little villages which stand on stony spurs or situated as “clusters” in small creeks: these are the “co-ordinates” of the Cinque Terre, named like thaht since 1448. At last they are a National Park and a territory protected by Unesco becausa they represent a “reality” of environmental naturalistic interese; this zone is characterized by the presence of typical steep sloper cultivated with vines thanks to terraces, unique witness of the transfromation of the territory carried out by man’s hard – working the “suggestive” kind of coast falling sheer to the sea, whit cliffs which are often vertical, alternated with small creeks and enchanting beaches among rocks, ehit depths rich in fish make this territory a real Natural “work of art”